Art and My Life

Functioning as an artist I strongly focus on detail and substance of my art projects. For me art is the only subject in which I can use my creativity unlike other subjects. Art does not only consist of creativity but also of expression and imagination.

My journey in Art 110 was a stunning journey to go through. I feel like learned many skills within art and also just overall in life. Being able to meet students from the School of Art was an amazing feeling because I was able to talk to them and that helped me experience art in a whole different level. From all the visits to the art galleries I was able to improve the way I viewed and experience art. Also just writing blog post about the artist was also really helpful.

My understanding of art really improved throughout the semester every single class day. Starting off with the rule of thirds. It was one of the first things I learned in this course and I have started to view and take photographs using the rule of thirds It has really helped me throughout the semester. What I also got out of this course is finding meaning in art. The art gallery visits were what really improve the way I viewed art because sometimes I had to find the meaning in a certain piece that attracted me and the artist was right there to talk to.

Art resonates with my major which is film. Film is full of art, just like everything else. The reason I chose this major is because I want to be creative with the films that I learn to make. In addition this Art 11o course also helped me a lot with understanding my major even more. In film photography is very important and that is something that I learned about of a lot in this course. Also being creative is very important in the film industry because if your’e able to create a creative film then you have the chance at it being a classic because of how creative it is. Although the film industry right now is full of reboots and the same types of films.

All throughout my life art has always been around me. I remember during the time I was in middle school, I would draw robots and give them the most creative weapons. This one something I really enjoyed to do and I believe that is what sparked my creativity in my life. If it weren’t for all those times I drew those robots I don’t think I would be here right now. Art is a huge chunk of my life as it should be for everyone else.


Environmental Portrait

For my Environmental Portrait I was going for a serious look because I like to take my work serious. I believe I succeeded in going for the serious look however I believe I could have chosen a better background compared to a simple wall. What I might do different next time is go for a more creative look. In this portrait I had everything to represent that my interest is in film because I had the camera and the computer ready to edit. Next time I also plan to use clothes to represent my interest I believe that will also really help.

Drinking and Drawing Activity

For my drinking and drawing activity I decided to use Starbucks because it is my favorite place to get drinks from. The drink that I got was double chocolaty chip
Frappuccino. It had whip spread which I was able to draw on my sketch and also gave my cup a different look.

Overall this activity was fun because I was able to draw the way I saw something. In addition it felt better sketching smaller drawings because I felt like I could add more details.

Something I would do different is spend more time on my drawings because I feel as if they would come out better if I did spend more time. Also I believe if I practice enough drawing these sketches over and over again i would eventually draw them better and better.

My experience was fun I hope to use some of the tips I learned while doing this in the near future.

Graffiti Painting

Graffiti Painting was a great experience for me overall. It was the first time I ever did my name in graffiti using spray cans. It is something I’ve always wanted to do but just never had a reason to do it. Being able to use the spray cans and paint whatever I wanted was an amazing feeling.

I did my name on two long large pieces of paper because I could not find anywhere else to do them. The two colors that I used were red and gold. Red is my favorite color and I figured that gold will look pleasantly aesthetic with red. One problem that I had was using the gold. I think it was because I was spray painting over the fresh red that the gold started to look bad and faded.

Something that I would do different next time is find a bigger canvas and use more paint. I only used 2 small spray cans from Micheals and they felt like they weren’t enough because when I wanted to add more design I had no more paint left.

Finger Painting

This was not my first time finger painting however it was my first time finger painting on such a large piece of canvas. Finger painting this time felt different to me because I was using a large canvas. It was a fun experience also because I like to get my hands dirty and actually do things. Although the art might look messy I believe in this case it isn’t about the way it looks but the experience the artist goes through to create it.

The 3 colors that I used were blue, orange, and red. The reason I chose red and blue was because they are 2 primary colors and then I wanted to choose 1 secondary color so I chose orange.

The experience of making art with no purpose is more of a stress relief activity. It stimulated all of my senses; feel, sight, and smell. If it was edible paint then it would also stimulate my taste sense. When finger-painting I started to feel more calm and relax then I normally am. Compared to other paintings I have done with a brush, finger painting takes the lead as the most soothing and calm form of art for me.

Something I would do different next time is invite a couple of family members or friends to join me because it would be more fun with more people finger painting.