Graffiti Painting

Graffiti Painting was a great experience for me overall. It was the first time I ever did my name in graffiti using spray cans. It is something I’ve always wanted to do but just never had a reason to do it. Being able to use the spray cans and paint whatever I wanted was an amazing feeling.

I did my name on two long large pieces of paper because I could not find anywhere else to do them. The two colors that I used were red and gold. Red is my favorite color and I figured that gold will look pleasantly aesthetic with red. One problem that I had was using the gold. I think it was because I was spray painting over the fresh red that the gold started to look bad and faded.

Something that I would do different next time is find a bigger canvas and use more paint. I only used 2 small spray cans from Micheals and they felt like they weren’t enough because when I wanted to add more design I had no more paint left.


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