Finger Painting

This was not my first time finger painting however it was my first time finger painting on such a large piece of canvas. Finger painting this time felt different to me because I was using a large canvas. It was a fun experience also because I like to get my hands dirty and actually do things. Although the art might look messy I believe in this case it isn’t about the way it looks but the experience the artist goes through to create it.

The 3 colors that I used were blue, orange, and red. The reason I chose red and blue was because they are 2 primary colors and then I wanted to choose 1 secondary color so I chose orange.

The experience of making art with no purpose is more of a stress relief activity. It stimulated all of my senses; feel, sight, and smell. If it was edible paint then it would also stimulate my taste sense. When finger-painting I started to feel more calm and relax then I normally am. Compared to other paintings I have done with a brush, finger painting takes the lead as the most soothing and calm form of art for me.

Something I would do different next time is invite a couple of family members or friends to join me because it would be more fun with more people finger painting.


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