3 Possible Futures Lives

1) Film Editor

My first future would be to become a film editor for a major company like Disney or Warner Bros. I enjoy watching films and seeing how they are constructed and the history behind them. Films became one of my passions not to long ago. This future would really fit me because it is something I don’t get bored of doing and I find really entertaining. My family thinks this choice of major is not good because they believe the film industry is too impacted. Although I agree, there are also many opportunities in the film industry to make some big bucks. However achieving this future is not easy. The 5 step plan below shows how I will achieve this future.

2) Creative Designer

If the film industry just suddenly disappeared I would like to become a creative designer for a company. A creative designer is someone who comes up with ideas on how to promote and advertise a company or product. I always love to see how music is promoted and the antics they use. Becoming a creative designer is difficult because not many creative designers are needed for one company. A creative designer needs good organizational skills, expert knowledge in creative tools, and must be knowledgeable in current trends.

3) Music Producer

This future is last on my list because it is something that is very difficult for me to do but I just really enjoy the way music is produced. Producing a song would mean creating the beat behind it. I enjoy listening to the beats behind the lyrics on a song. For instance in Hip Hop there are many great producers who can make a beat and sell it for a lot. Although I’ve tried creating some beats it was still very difficult. I don’t think people realize how hard it is to make a beat. After researching about how beats are made I noticed there was so much work put into them and required lots of knowledge about melodies and flows.


Plaster Casting

This is my first experience with plaster casting. Never before did I realize plaster could also be used to create molds. I had always thought the purpose of it was to cover the holes on walls or doors. Since it was my first time experience I made sure to review the steps multiple times. Although there weren’t many steps it was still good that I read through them for a better understanding.

Before I began my activity I had a doubt. I did not think the sand mold created by my hand would hold the liquid plaster together. I thought it would spill everywhere. However, I was wrong. The plaster filled in smoothly into the mold. As the plaster was setting it was very difficult for me not to touch it. I always had a temptation to check if it had dried even if it was only 5 minutes that had passed by. However I soon found something distracting to do. Eating ice cream.

As 40 minutes passed by I returned back to my sand mold and checked if it was ready to be lifted. I tapped the plaster in the mold a few times and it seemed as if it was ready due to it being very rough and hard. As I lift my hand mold up out the sand 3 of the fingers broke off. I believe next time I do something like this I should make sure to add enough plaster so that it wouldn’t break off when I lift it out. Another thing I should do different is allow more time for the plaster to dry. Maybe 40 minutes was not enough.

Although the end result was not perfect I still enjoyed the entire process and can’t wait to use sand to create molds with different body parts or even some toys I wish to make molds of.