Plaster Casting

This is my first experience with plaster casting. Never before did I realize plaster could also be used to create molds. I had always thought the purpose of it was to cover the holes on walls or doors. Since it was my first time experience I made sure to review the steps multiple times. Although there weren’t many steps it was still good that I read through them for a better understanding.

Before I began my activity I had a doubt. I did not think the sand mold created by my hand would hold the liquid plaster together. I thought it would spill everywhere. However, I was wrong. The plaster filled in smoothly into the mold. As the plaster was setting it was very difficult for me not to touch it. I always had a temptation to check if it had dried even if it was only 5 minutes that had passed by. However I soon found something distracting to do. Eating ice cream.

As 40 minutes passed by I returned back to my sand mold and checked if it was ready to be lifted. I tapped the plaster in the mold a few times and it seemed as if it was ready due to it being very rough and hard. As I lift my hand mold up out the sand 3 of the fingers broke off. I believe next time I do something like this I should make sure to add enough plaster so that it wouldn’t break off when I lift it out. Another thing I should do different is allow more time for the plaster to dry. Maybe 40 minutes was not enough.

Although the end result was not perfect I still enjoyed the entire process and can’t wait to use sand to create molds with different body parts or even some toys I wish to make molds of.

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